Tuesday 3 December 2013

Best Evening Shows in China

China is famous for its evening shows which take part every night of the year and exemplify a rich and historical part of China’s culture. Evening shows are a major aspect of China Holidays’ itineraries. China Holidays’ most popular shows include the Legend of Kung Fu show and Peking Opera shows, both in Beijing; the Chinese Variety Art shows in Shanghai; the San Jie Liu Water and Light Show in Yangshuo; and the Face Changing Opera in Chengdu. Below, there is a description of these fantastic shows and describe the rich culture present in them.

Kung Fu is one of the most famous images of China to the western world and became extremely popular in the 70s and 80s both in the UK and the USA through world renowned stars such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. Kung Fu is a number of fighting styles developed over the centuries in China, distinguished by certain traits, such as animal mimicry, inspiration from Chinese philosophers and religious influence. A main element in Kung Fu is Qi (natural energy). Kung Fu was created to discover ways of controlling one’s Qi which if controlled, is believed to maintain stability and longevity. Qi is sad to also be able to work as treatment for sickness and tension. The Legend of Kung Fu show takes place two times every day at the Red Theatre in Beijing. The majority of China Holidays’ itineraries include a visit to the Legend of Kung Fu show and are well received by our clients.

Chinese Variety Art has existed in China since the Western Han Dynasty period and was usually a performance during village harvest festivals. During the Tang Dynasty, which is seen as the Age of Enlightenment, acrobatics developed further with performances being made in the palace courts for the Emperors. The popularity of Chinese Variety Arts has continued to gain popularity since then and is now a popular art form throughout the country. Thought acrobatics is the most popular art form in these shows, other aspects include plate spinning, fire eating, tightrope walking, contortion acrobatics and lion dances. Shanghai is famous for its Variety Shows, especially acrobatics shows. In China Holidays’ itineraries which include a trip to Shanghai, an acrobatics show is always a must.

The San Jie Liu Water and Light show in Yangshuo is one of the most thrilling and highly-anticipated forms of entertainment now present in China. The San Jie Liu show is a seven part story on the banks of the Li River in Yangshuo. The show is an example of a Son et Lumiere show; a show that uses lights and sounds in an outdoor space to create a dramatic atmosphere and tone to a show. The San Jiu Liu show was directed by Zhang Yimou, who is most famous for directing the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, which received worldwide acclaim. China Holidays greatly recommends a visit to the San Jie Liu Show and guarantee you will not be disappointed.

The Face Changing show is part of the Sichuan Opera which has been in existence for thousands of years. Face Changing is exactly as it sounds and includes actors changing their face masks in a flash, either covering their face for a split second with their hand, fan or moving their head, to change their mask without the audience seeing. The secret on how to change the mask is a secret passed down between families and has been a secret kept predominantly in China. There are four ways of Face Changing; these are known as: Blowing Dust, Beard Manipulation, Pulling-Down Masks and Face Dragging. Any China Holidays itinerary that includes a visit to Chengdu, home of the Giant Pandas, will include a visit to watch the mysterious Face Changing Show.

There are many types of show in China, many with a great historical and cultural significance. China Holidays is happy to state that evening shows are included in the majority of our tours, especially if visiting Beijing, Shanghai, Yangshuo or Chengdu.

If you are interested in visiting an evening show, China Holidays would be more than happy to assist you in creating an itinerary that included these shows. Please call us on 020 7487 2999 or email us on sales@chinaholidays.com

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